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Rejuve.AI is a decentralized, AI-driven longevity research network allowing people from all over the world to track their health data, receive valuable insights, contribute to cutting-edge longevity research, and earn rewards.


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Rejuve.AI's core mission is to build a decentralized network of researchers, clinics, and data contributors working together to arrive at breakthrough discoveries in the fight against aging, while making the resulting solutions affordable and accessible for all. Rejuve.AI puts power back into the hands of the people, allowing anyone to monetize their health data and yield maximal personal benefit from their contributions.

Our AI


Our probabilistic logic Bayesian net service, BayesianExpert, makes the manual creation of Bayesian networks based on expert rules and statistics directly from the medical literature easy.


Our unsupervised learning compositional neural network allows inferences to be made between different parts of different types of data. This system is able to “fill in the gaps” when certain data is missing by analyzing profiles of other similar profiles.


Our Generative Cooperative Network (GCN) is a deep neural embedding framework which combines multiple neural architectures to create embedding vectors representing aspects of each Rejuve member.

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Jasmine SmithChief Executive Officer
Dr. Deborah DuongChief Technology Officer
Dr. Ben GoertzelChief AI Scientist

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