About Rejuve

Our Mission

A New Initiative for an Ancient Ambition

  • Rejuve.AI is a decentralized network that allows members to contribute to longevity research, earn proportional rewards, and gain affordable access to the latest longevity therapies 
  • We believe that an extended, healthy lifespan is not something that should be reserved for the extremely wealthy. Scientific discoveries require the data of many individuals from all walks of life, thus all should benefit equally!
  • In order to achieve this, Rejuve.AI is utilizing blockchain and AI for fair assignment of credit and proportional rewards for contributions, creating a membership network with exclusive benefits.

Our Values

In order to achieve the core mission, Rejuve prioritizes developing the most innovative AI solutions via collaborate efforts, fairly compensating our network members for their data contributions, and delivering affordable and accessible longevity therapies to all. 

Decentralized, Collaborative Research

Rejuve leverages the SingularityNET’s open platform of AI along with our own unique solutions to  develop methods by which researchers can come to consensus on increasingly complex models while exploring multiple combinations and datasets to improve them.

Data Ownership

Rejuve highly values the data contributions of our network members, so we are committed to giving you control of your data, and returning to you due portions for proceeds generated or made possible by your data.

Accessible Longevity For All!

Rejuve believes that superlongevity is not something reserved for the ultra rich. Rejuve Network members are from all walks of life, and each receive the same core benefits, along with any additional rewards gained from their individual data contribution. 

Tokenomic Architecture

Rejuve utilizes a novel tokenomic architecture in order to ensure that network members receive their fair share of the proceeds gained from the use of their data. Rejuve employs the use of 3 different tokens: 1 fungible (utility) token and 2 Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs). 

  • RJV Utility Token - The Rejuve (RJV) token is the main means of transaction of data, and is also a representation of membership to the Rejuve Network. RJV tokens are earned in exchange for data contributions via the Rejuve: Longevity mobile app, and are used to purchase vouchers redeemable for deep discounts on products and services.

  • Data NFT (Rejuve ID) - NFTs have become wildly popular in art and gaming, however, Rejuve is using NFT technology in a whole new way, to keep track of intellectual property. A data NFT is minted for every member (individual or entity) and is conncected to your Rejuve ID. These NFTs act as a key to unlock data permissions, and keep track of all usages of your data in prospective products, leading to our final token

  • Product NFT - The product NFT is where the magic happens. A product NFT is minted at the time when research and studies transition to a prospective product. While only one is minted per product, its shares are divided up amongst all the contributors to the products via sharding, connected through to the Data NFT. One can only sell 50% of their product NFT shards, ensuring that lifetime benefits for all proceeds derived from said product go to them forever! For more in-depth tokenomics, please see the Tokenomics section of the Whitepaper. 


Rejuve.AI Team Members are passionate about AI, blockchain, longevity science and the opportunity to improve people’s lives. We bring together decades of experience in AI, medicine, bioinformatics and international business to provide a world-class team in pursuit of longevity.

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