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Rejuve: Longevity will enable you to measure and track your longevity, and improve your healthspan while earning RJV tokens, redeemable for discounts on supplements, medical tests, longevity therapies, and more!

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This app employs sophisticated AI algorithms to calculate biological age and generate personalized insights and recommendations modeled around the 9 Hallmarks of Aging plus an additional proposed 10th Hallmark


  • Calculate your Biological Age
  • Biological Age is an estimate of the age of your body tissues/system compared to your actual (chronological) age. Rejuve: Longevity utilizes an Age Estimator AI to gauge impact of different health factors such as diet, exercise, and sleep on aging, and also incorporates signs and characteristics of aging such as poor mobility.
  • Connect Wearables
  • Have a FitBit, Garmin, Oura Ring, Apple Watch, or Apple Health? Connect your wearable health tracker device to fine-tune your results and generate more accurate baseline data and better track any variations in your health that may be related to aging.
  • Enter Your Lab Test Results
  • Boost the accuracy of your calculations and quickly increase the value of your profile in the database.
  • Received Personalized Insights & Recommendations
  • Insights and recommendations are generated upon submission of data from surveys or wearable inputs. Insights explain the impacts of different factors on your overall longevity. Health Recommendations are specific actions you can take to increase your healthspan.
  • Earn Tokens
  • Have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge longevity research while earning RJV tokens in exchange for contributing health data via surveys, connecting wearables, and completing health inventories.
  • Get Access to Quality Products
  • Redeem your earned RJV for exclusive member rates on science-backed supplements, epigenetic and other biological age tests, wearables, whole genome sequencing kits, future longevity therapies, and more!!

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